Meeting Minutes

2018 Annual Report

Since our last annual meeting/block party on August 13, 2017, the Board has worked on the following major activities.

  • Ongoing input was given to the government (city, county, etc.) regarding the impact of various development projects on the neighborhood: home renovation at various addresses in the neighborhood; ongoing ART issues; the Central tunnel under the railroad tracks; restriping Broadway; a rezoning request for a bed and breakfast
  • At monthly meetings, discussions related to the neighborhood included neighborhood signage, crime reports from APD officers assigned to our neighborhood, vacant properties, the museum exhibit headed up by Ann Carson – Mansions, Motoring, and Millennials; discussion with EDo on branding and social media; park maintenance; safety issues on Lead/Coal; donations to Heading Home ($1000), the mural project of Warehouses 508 ($1000), and police appreciation day ($100)
  • Dickens of a Dinner was held Dec. 2.  Volunteers planned and executed this event led by Board member Ann Carson which draws guests to our neighborhood for a four-course meal at historic homes decorated for the holidays.  The event generated $1,991 net revenue.
  • A Trash Clean-up event was held on April 28.  Jen Sandoval organized a small but dedicated group of volunteers who cleaned up two alleys.
  • Community garden activities continued into the ninth year of this volunteer organization. Members cover the costs of water irrigation and chicken feed; HHHDA donated $148 for compost and shade structure maintenance.  Project leads were Board members Bonnie Anderson and Kathy Grassel.
  • The Easter Egg Hunt was held on March 31, led by Amberley Pyles with the support of Steve and Kara Grant, Lee Spittler and other volunteers.  HHHDA spent $325 for this event.
  • The HHHDA website was updated by Board member Salley Trefethen; cost was $293 for annual website hosting/maintenance/domain security.
  • The Block Party/Annual Meeting is scheduled for August 26. HHHDA spent $529 for last year’s event.
  • Other revenue for the year was $332 including fees paid by various media companies for filming in our neighborhood, membership fees and donations
  • Other expenses for the year included gas bills for the station of $299 and off-season water bills for the station of $134
  • Net revenue for this year totaled -$1505.  
Salley Trefethen