Meeting Minutes

Annual Report—August 2014

Since out last annual meeting/block party on August 18, 2013, the Board has worked on the following major activities.

  1. Ongoing input to the government (city, county, etc.) regarding the impact of various development projects on the neighborhood ( Pop ‘n’ Taco site; Complete Streets; Project Innovate; Bus Rapid Transit); no expenses were charged for this activity since all of the participation was volunteered
  2. The HHHDA newsletter was created and distributed to the neighborhood in November 2013, April 2014, and July 2014; cost was $370.  Advertising revenues were $200
  3. Dickens of a Dinner was held December 7, 2013; dozens of volunteers planned and executed this event which draws about 100 guests to the neighborhood for a five-course meal at five historic homes decorated for the holidays; net revenue was $700
  4. Community Garden activities were supported by 16 participating families who donated supplies that were needed and paid fees to cover the water bills and chicken feed
  5. The Annual Easter Egg Hunt was held at the park on April 19 featuring costumed volunteers and lots of candy and game prizes for the children; costs were covered by Lauren Austin and Unica Realty
  6. $50,000 was obtained to fund planting of street trees in our neighborhood parkways.  Neighborhood volunteers mapped current tree locations and David Day is coordinating a replacement plan. None of the grant funds were expended by August.
  7. Neighborhood volunteers watered the non-irrigated bulbouts on Lead and Coal once a month, using converted food grade oil barrels to haul water in the back of a pickup truck. Cost for the barrels plus the fittings was $105.
  8. The Annual Block Party and Annual Meeting will be held on August 17 at the garden; live music and potluck draws neighbors to this informal event; estimated cost is $350
  9. The HHHDA website is updated by neighbor Salley Trefethen and maintained by a vendor at $20 per month
  10. HHHDA contributes to the maintenance of the Preservation Station by covering the gas bills; TACA covers the electric bills; the Community Garden pays the water bills; annual cost for the gas bills is about $280
  11. HHHDA donated $400 to EDo for legal fees incurred around the dispute over the use of the Pop ‘n’ Taco site
  12. Miscellaneous expense: a live animal trap (raccoon sighting) @ $53; new HHHDA checks @ $30
  13. HHHDA received some miscellaneous revenue - $52
  14. HHHDA received dues from members - $92
  15. Net balance for HHHDA for 2013-14 is negative $700.  A positive balance from previous years kept the association in the black.