Meeting Minutes

April 2011 Meeting Minutes

Preservation Station, April 6, 2011, Amberley Pyles, presiding, 6:40 PM

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2011


Term ending August 2012




Anderson, Bonnie


Bromberg, Ryan


Donaldson, David


Carson, Ann


Garofalo, Joaquin


Forrester, Phoenix


Gonzalez, Moises


Grassel, Kathy


Grant, Steve


Hoch, Liam


Pyles, Amberley


Thornton, Karla


Spittler, Lee



Minutes from March 2 were approved.

LUCC Wood Window Workshop Information—Mary Ellen Hennesey talked about an upcoming 5-day workshop for contractors and carpenters.  No fee is required.  She left flyers with the Board.

Zoning Allowances for HHHDA—Ben McIntosh from City Planning explained that the HH Sector Development Plan allows that additional residences built on a property before 1988 are allowed.   If the additional residence was built after 1988, the owner will need to go through the process of requesting conditional use approval.  That process involves going before a city hearing examiner where both the owner and the neighborhood express their concerns. Second the owner goes to the LUCC where architecture and other aesthetic issues are reviewed.  Third, the owner applies for a building permit.

Schedule of Events

Easter Egg Hunt (10 AM, Saturday, 4/23) –Bonnie, Kathy, David Chamberlain, and Lynzi Lucas agreed to pick up the park prior to the event.

Mother’s Day Home Tour (11-4, Sunday, 5/8) – The event will be held in Huning Highland with stops at several homes plus some commercial sites.  Volunteers are asked to contact Amberley at 573-5544.

Board Business

Amberley reviewed the purpose of our involvement in the $10,000 Querencia Green project: to build our block captain program.

Amberley asked anyone who might be interested in attending the monthly EDo meetings to contact Rob Dickson at  She said the meetings were always interesting and had news of the latest changes to businesses on Central.

Bonnie gave an update on progress on the Lead/Coal project.  (See newsletter article published this month.)

Bonnie requested $250 to build a shade structure frame out of latillas for the outdoor meeting space, with a removable shade cloth covering.  This request was approved.

The community garden is now in its second year, with more members than the first year and a revision to the rules that allows community members to have a share in the community planted rows with a contribution of $25 for water fees and an hour of labor per week.  Only 2 ½ rows are being planted and harvested by just those three families.  All the rest of the rows are being planted and harvested communally.

One neighbor has complained about trucks idling all night long on Elm Street, beside the commercial buildings there.  Amberley will work with that neighbor to help them address their grievance through the appropriate city office.

Home Remodeling Project

Moises and Karla presented plans they intend to present to the LUCC for a home remodeling project that involves squaring off one corner of their home (thus adding 20 square feet) and installing a new roof.  They plan to request an exception that would allow them to replace their current roof with a tin roof so that they could harvest water efficiently from the roof.  There was a discussion of the desirability of allowing the tin roof and whether or not the roof should be painted.  Since no consensus was apparent, it was decided to continue the discussion via email during the time after the meeting, but before the LUCC hearing.  The Board would want to present a letter to LUCC about the tin roof question.

Adjourned:  7:40 PM

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, May 4