Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Preservation Station, Amberley Pyles, presiding. Start Time:  6:30 PM

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2012


Term ending August 2013


Anderson, Bonnie


Bloom, Greg


Donaldson, David


Bromberg, Ryan


Gonzalez, Moisés


Elaine McGivern


Grant, Steve


Carson, Ann


Pyles, Amberley


Forrester, Phoenix


Spittler, Lee


Grassel, Kathy




Thornton, Karla



Minutes from the March meeting were approved.

Guests included: Brigitta (Gold), Mark (Arno), David Day (Walter & Copper NE), and Shannon and daughters (Edith & Iron)

Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Highland Park—Amberley confirmed the Easter Egg Hunt was happening at 10:30 on Sat., Apr. 7. Several of us plan to clean up the park before the hunt.

Highland Park Renovation—Amberley reported that the park design is now on Councilor Benton’s website. The Parks department has put playground equipment outside of the bonding cycle.

Urban Forestry (Tree planting) project—Much of the meeting was devoted to the tree planting project. The board welcomed landscape architect David Day, now a resident of HHHD on Walter NE, who is tracking and guiding myriad details on the re-treeing project’s design phase, leading up to actual fruition of live trees on our neighborhood streets. Owing to life span of the mature 50- to 70-year-old trees, residents will continue to see die-off of these remaining old trees, thus a plan needs to be in place to re-tree before and when this happens. In addition to planting canopy trees such as Chinese and American elm to replace Siberian elm and species of locust, conservation features such as swales to capture rain and curb-cutting to harness stormwater are integral to the overall plan.

Historic building renovation—David Day also reported that he is the designer for rehabilitation of a landmark 1950s building at 515-517 Central NE (near Crystal Dove and the Grove). The City will want to know where the neighborhood stands. It’s a Maddox project, which has realty offices through the EDo corridor. Maddox will move some of its office space into the renovated building, allowing the popular Farina’s to expand its business into what are now Maddox offices.

Industrial Noise at Arno and Iron—David Donaldson brought up noise pollution generated by Quality Foods, a business within the HH community and proximate to David’s residence. He has approached the City already for relief, but, receiving no action, will personally hire an acoustical engineer to determine if there are legal and/or technical solutions to compel the company to consider the health of its residential neighbors in the conduct of its business.

Adjourned: 7:30 pm

Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 2, 2012