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Meeting Minutes, March 1, 2017

Officer Report—Scott Seibel reported three arrests and four auto burglaries. Our new PAC Lieutenant Aragon and Sargent Sanders joined as well. 

Highland Park Update—Two issues brought up with Highland Park; the construction of chain link fence along the park and ally, and the city’s failure to reconstruct the river rock wall. Neighbors are encouraged to visit the park and determine if the chain link fence is necessary, or obtrusive. If community deems the fence unnecessary, we may be able to convince the city to remove it. The city will get back to us with an estimate on cost of replacing the river rock wall.

Mother’s Day Tour—Salley and Ann are scheming up a new marketing plan for the Mother’s Day tour this year. Hope to boost participating by including restaurants as locations for ticket sales, having an option for pre-sale tickets on the website

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Meeting Minutes, February 1, 2017

Highland Park Update—The official opening for Highland Park will be in March, the city is waiting for the outdoor furniture to be delivered and installed before they open. Going to be a very nice space to gather in!

Easter and Mother’s Day Tour—April 16 is tentative date for Easter Egg hunt. Dave volunteered to help Annabell coordinate. The Mothers Day home tour will take place on May 14 from 11-3pm. We will need volunteers to help with this event!

Sign Update—Edo board hasn’t responded to email inquiries about collaborating on a neighborhood sign. Moises will check in with Rob at next Edo meeting to see what the status is with that.

Integrated Deve

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Meeting Minutes, January 4, 2017

Officer Report—Scott Seibel reported three auto burglaries, three auto thefts, one residential burglary and one unlawful entry over the month of December.

Dickens of a Dinner—Ann reports that attendance was down thirteen people this year, she will cover the cost difference. Guests were happy, smooth execution overall. Ann will follow up to get participation plaques for Amberley and Manuela. 

Property Tax Increase—3% property tax cap in New Mexico. If a property changes ownership, the new owner gets hit with the tax increase that’s accumulated.  It is possible to refute or correct these tax mistakes, but

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Meeting Minutes, November 2, 2016

Dickens of a Dinner—Dickens of a Dinner will take place December 3rd this year; the invitations are out but Ann needs more volunteers and houses for the tour! All hands on deck!

Lot Split

Ben Sturge will soon be moving to remodeled house on High and Silver, but his mother would like to stay living in the casita at back of his current house on Walter Street. Would like to move forward and split the Walter lot to enable the casita to remain separate from front house, as they plan to sell the front house. Board voted all in favor of writing a letter of support to subdivide the Sturges’ Walter lot into separate lots. 

Lead and Coal update—At the October 17 meeting the council voted to place stop lights at Walter and Lead, and Walter and Coal. The timeline

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Meeting Minutes, October 6, 2016

Crime Report—Ex Officer Scott Seibel reported 3 stolen automobiles and 4 auto burglaries. Report from board of an increase in illicit activity at Imperial Motel (Central and High).

Dickens of a Dinner—Dickens of a Dinner will take place December 3rd this year; we will need all hands on deck from the neighborhood to help put this annual event on!

Newsletter—Bonnie and Kathy are burned out writing newsletters, moving towards flyers and digital media instead of a full newsletter for Dickens promotion.

119 High St—Ann will keep in touch

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Meeting Minutes, September 7, 2016

Karla Thornton’s request to join Moisés Gonzalez to share a board seat was approved; Susan Vogle was approved to fill Karla’s seat. Susan has lived on the 200 block of Walter since 1994 and is active in neighborhood cleanup and animal rescue. 

A motion was made and seconded to re-elect the board’s president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary.  The motion passed.

Crime Report—Retired Officer Seibel reported an increase in auto burglaries: up to 8 from 2 or 3 last month. Moisés reported that his garage was burglarized on a Sunday afternoon. Tiffany reported a mailbox theft in which her debit card was stolen and charged to $2,000. There was also a public altercation on Central. Scott said there is a new bid that will move police to 12-hour shifts, which should result in more community policing.

Block Party and Election—The

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Meeting Minutes, July 6, 2016

Crime Report—Officer Scott S gave brief crime report: increased trend in auto theft and burglary, especially in diesel vehicles.

Block Party—August 14th, 5-8pm block party at the filling station! Will host the annual election and annual report will go out with the July newsletter. Bonnie read brief summary of the annual report at meeting. Standard Diner and Holy Cow will both donate food for the block party; Zoey or Kathy will communicate with them.

Property updates


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Meeting Minutes, June 1, 2016

ART/Complete streets—Complete streets went in front of LUCC but there was no quorum, will meet again June 8. Edo/Huning Highland agree to the ART plan so long as some design changes are made in our neighborhood. Motion to spend $400 to bring Peter Swift, a traffic engineer, to speak on three issues: parking along Central, left turns from Central, and the stretch between Broadway and 1st. Approved.

Sprawl vs. Infill—Moises speaks on the planned development Santolina that is currently seeking approval.

First Presbyterian Church—Ron

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Meeting Minutes, April 6, 2016

Lead/Coal Update

Tom Menicucci visiting from city council services. Bonnie gave a brief history of our Lead/Coal debate. Tom discussed how ped. HAWK lights must be 100ft from an intersection (midblock). Recommended we continue stoplights west of I25 with a signalized timing regime to match lights E of I25. City has a current policy about the signal regime W of I25 to Broadway due to past periods of heavy rush hour traffic, but this policy is likely amendable. Upon the amendment of this policy we will have to raise $300,000 to put in two stoplights, one at Lead and Walter and one at Coal and Walter. We must practice patience with this process! It is likely to take to up two years. Ben moves to write a resolution to change the signal regime on Lead and Coal in the HUning Highland corridor. Approved. Bonnie will write to Isaac Benton and Tom will talk to Diane Dolan about getting this resolution made!

ART Charrette

Bonnie will email ART to notify them of our desire to install signalized lights in our neighborhood.

  • Plan to build microlofts at Broadway and Central (across from Innovate ABQ)
  • There will be a large building constructed behind the Baptist church at Broadway and Central
  • Poppin’ taco will become a mixed use building

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Meeting Minutes, September 2, 2015

Election Results

The August election returned all board members on the ballot. Zoey Fink is back from study abroad, so will resume her position on the board. Officers elected were Bonnie Anderson, President; Moisés Gonzalez, VP; Joe Boyd, Secretary; and Ann Carson, Treasurer.

First Presbyterian Anniversary

Ron Halbgewachs invited all to an upcoming celebration on Sat., Sept. 26, for the First Presbyterian Church’s 60 years at its Copper location. The event will have classic cars, a saxophone quartet, an organ demonstration, food, crafts, book sale, and historic displays from the archives.

Crime Report

Retired Officer Seibel, now Crime Prevention Specialist, reported counterfeit money making the rounds in Huning Highlands and warned all to

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Meeting Minutes, June 2, 2015
316 Central—Solve Maxwell wishes to open a business at 316 Central that serves coffee and specialty drinks in the morning and craft beer and counter food in the evening. Solve brought his concerns before the board that Zoning is interpreting the HH Sector Development Plan Section 1A, Item #3 in such a way as to require a restaurant license before he can open his taproom business. The Item reads, under Permissive Uses: “Restaurant with full-service liquor for on-premise consumption, including microbrewery.”  Elaine McGivern has researc
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Meeting Minutes, May 6, 2015
412 Lead SE (between Edith and Arno)—Jonathan and Angela Murray, who live at Huning Gardens condos at Lead and High SE, wish to build a house on the vacant lot at 412 Lead SE, and had requested to pass their ideas through the neighborhood association before they submitted plans for the June LUCC review. Bonnie, Ann, and Kathy held a preliminary meeting with them and their builder Sean Gilligan last week. The house will be contemporary, and Ann had some suggestions to make it more complementary to historic Huning Highlands. An
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Meeting Minutes, April 1, 2015

Crime Report—Citizen Seibel reported that he talked to the beat officer and added patrols in response to a neighbor’s complaints at the last board meeting of crime, transients, and trash. He also said the department has a new computer that allows him to do more with crime stats analysis. Ron asked the police why the bicycle patrol was being eliminated. Mr. Seibel said the department needs to put officers in cars to cover more ground, but the bicycle patrol will continue until June next year.

Reconsideration of funding for Easter Egg Hunt—Annabelle Candelaria stepped up to take charge of the 20th annua

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Meeting Minutes, March 4, 2015

Police—Civilian Siebel told the board the neighborhood has done a good job of reporting suspicious activity. The good: There was only one residential burglary since Jan 1. The bad: Auto burglary is up, as well as DUIs. The ugly: Much vandalism and graffiti. A neighbor wanted to know if the police would deal with homeless people in her alley who she has been cleaning up after. Cmdr. Donovan replied that no laws are broken just hanging out, but that they would try to patrol the street more often and that she could contact Safe City Strike Force or 311 if the problem continues.

Tree project—Charge of the project has changed departments yet again, this time under Municipal Development. Planting, scheduled

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Meeting Minutes, February 4, 2015

Police Relations—Lt Sanchez and Valley Area Commander Donovan asked for a neighborhood-association volunteer to help reinvigorate a program called Coffee with a Cop. It’s part of a drive through Citizen Policing Council to reframe and improve citizen attitudes about police. Volunteers are required to pass a background check. Ron, attending from the Presbyterian Church and Nob Hill NA, described his positive experience with the group, meeting once a month at the Caesar Chavez Community Center. He is the VP of the Nob Hill Neighborhood Assocation. Interested parties can call Celine Espinoza at 761-8800, or email her at

Lead/Coal traffic as part of Downtown Walkability—Bonnie reported that Councilor Benton has added into the Plan to move the lanes closer to parking and have the other side serve as a buffer between the bike lane, supposedly safer for bikes and resulting in traffic calming by narrowing the lanes. Sam Kochansky offered that the idea doesn’t make sen

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Meeting Minutes, January 7, 2015

Dickens of a Dinner—Ann Carson reported the Dickens dinner was a big success and made $2,500, not including the cost of house plaques ($250) for the featured houses. First- and second- and third-place winners of the lighting contest were Lee and Penny Spittler, Dave and Audra Carrillo, and Annabelle and Josie Candelaria.

Tree Project—The deadline for signing up for a tree is past, and the number of respondents has been deemed satisfactory, thanks to the outreach efforts of Amy and Ben, Mary, Fernando, and Salley. David Day and Fernando were on hand to report progress thus far. The grant of $50,000 will go to the company contracted by the City. Planting

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Meeting Minutes, December 3, 2014

Dickens of a Dinner—Ann reported a surplus of volunteers for Dickens this year.

Email notices of miscellaneous neighborhood and City goings-on—Bonnie agreed to collate said notices and proposed that once a month she send them to the board.

Crime report—Officer Seidel reported a big jump in auto burglary in our neighborhood, from two in October to seven in November. He advised to take valuables out of the car and put anything tempting, such as loose change, out of sight, and above all to lock up. He said 70 percent of all burglaries happened to unlocked cars.

Tree project—The City will contract out the work of planting; it’s up to the neighborhood to submit signed agreements from property own

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Meeting Minutes, November 5, 2014

Filling Board vacancies—It was unanimously agreed that Sam Kochansky will fill Greg and Joni Neutra’s position and that Ben Sturge will fill that held by Jackie Smee.

Update on Dickens—Ann Carson let us know she succeeded in getting the required number of houses for the annual Dickens event. She passed around a volunteer sheet and “ordered” us all to sign up. We complied.

Review of July support letter for BRT—Bonnie Anderson re-read the letter she wrote in July on behalf of the board to Mayor Berry in support of Option

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Meeting Minutes, October 1, 2014

Board vacancy—Due to the resignation of Greg and Joni Neutra who moved to Santa Fe recently, we have an opening on the Board.  We will fill that vacancy at the November meeting.

Park Renovation—The LUCC will hear the plans for the renovation of our park at their Nov. 12th meeting.

DiGregory Development on Arno—Vince DiGregory thanked the neighborhood association for support of their project in front of the zoning commission.  Ann discussed options for the relocation of the historic home that will not be part of this project.

 Underpass on Central at the Railroad Tracks—The City is proposing an expensive project to change the pedestrian walkway at the railroad tracks on Central from the current underpass to an at-grade walkway.  The intention is to solve the problems of poor lighting

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Meeting Minutes, September 3, 2014

Election results—All six candidates were re-elected. All officers agreed to serve again. A motion was made and seconded that the current officers serve for another year.

Tree project—Project leader David Day will attend in October to give an update. What we know at the moment is that planting will be this fall, and that the City will do the digging. Volunteers will be in charge of keeping the trees alive and growing.

Highland Park—Ben Sturge, who has been attending meetings, reported on the twists and turns of park renovation plans. A resolution is almost finalized

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