Meeting Minutes

February 2011 Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2011, 6:40 pm, 412 Walter SE,  Amberley Pyles, presiding

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2011


Term ending August 2012




Anderson, Bonnie


Bromberg, Ryan


Donaldson, David


Carson, Ann


Garofalo, Joaquin


Forrester, Phoenix


Gonzalez, Moises


Grassel, Kathy


Grant, Steve


Hoch, Liam


Pyles, Amberley


Thornton, Karla


Spittler, Lee



Minutes from November 3, Approved

Advertising—Amberley shared the letter created by David Chamberlain and distributed to area businesses.  So far the response has been low.  David Donaldson agreed to work with David C. to make personal contacts with neighborhood businesses.

LUCC—Ann Carson has agreed to go to the next LUCC meeting on Feb. 9 to represent the neighborhood and to ask that the proposed addition to the house across the street from the fire station be required to have historically appropriate windows and siding.

Block Captains—This project needs a leader.  Right now block captains are being recruited at a slow pace, as Board members meet their neighbors.  If we had a complete cadre of block captains, we could cut down on the number of printed newsletters and be able to contact the whole neighborhood about upcoming events.  Block captains would also be able to increase the participation of renters by keeping contact information up-to-date for their block.  Amberley suggested that getting a full cadre of block captains be a goal for this year.

Schedule of Events

Dickens – tabled

Easter Egg Hunt (10 AM, Saturday, 4/23)—Steve Grant volunteered to call Marina Hillard to see if she is interested in leading this event for 2011. $300 was approved as a budget for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Mother’s Day Home Tour (11-3, Sunday, 5/8)—Phoenix Forrester, David Donaldson have agreed to help Amberley and Ann with this event.  Steve Grant and Kathy Grassel also agreed to be on call.  One new idea was to involve businesses in this year’s tour.

Board Member Presentations

Amberley—She presented the issue of our legal status as a non-profit organization.  Ryan Bromberg agreed to contact his father who is a tax attorney to get some advice on how to proceed.  Perhaps the Board could pay him to file for us.  Ryan will try to get his father to come to our next meeting.

Amberley also asked the group to invite neighbors to the City Council meeting on Feb. 10 to speak on behalf of the inclusion of our part of the Lead/Coal project in the 2011 bond cycle.  Councilor Benton will be supporting this inclusion.

New Business

Amberley agreed to write a short article about the new Chldren’s Art Studio opening on Central and Liam Hoch agreed to do the same for the new restaurant, Holy Cow.

Adjourned: 7:30 PM

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 1