Meeting Minutes

January 4, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Preservation Station, Amberley Pyles, presiding, 6:30 PM

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2012


Term ending August 2013


Anderson, Bonnie


Bloom, Greg


Donaldson, David


Bromberg, Ryan


Gonzalez, Moisés


Annabel Candelaria


Grant, Steve


Carson, Ann


Pyles, Amberley


Forrester, Phoenix


Spittler, Lee


Grassel, Kathy




Thornton, Karla


Bonnie Anderson made corrections to the Minutes from the December 7 meeting. Changes were made. The website posting reflects the changes.

Parking at 119 Arno—Most of the meeting was devoted to the ongoing confabs about parking at 119 Arno. Moisés met with Bill again who seems to be amenable to changes to the basic plan, agreeing that parking is a bad use of the property. The general feeling is that Art Hayman views the current plan as a stopgap because he would otherwise be taken to court, another payoff for foot-dragging being that he doesn’t want to invest money in something that may not pay for itself. Bonnie made a motion, seconded by Phoenix, to recommend minimal improvements; i.e., (1) entrance via the alley, not Arno, (2) planter boxes extended to the boundary, the boxes to be planted with shade trees to beautify and eventually block the sight of cars, (3) decorative fencing between sidewalk and trees, and (4) pervious surfacing. Amberley wants to move it along; Moisés responded that the issue is one of zoning enforcement. The discussion came full circle: We don’t want the parking lot, but will work with them on their plan.

Redistricting—Steve Grant commented that the council is leaning our way; i.e., choosing an option that leaves the historic districts intact. There are four maps left; two leave the district intact and the other two do not. Steve thought it would be a good idea to involve our congressman Rick Miera. He volunteered to call and ask him visit one of our meeti

Newsletter—Deadline for articles is March 8. Paid advertising may go by the wayside since extracting a small amount of money from advertisers isn’t worth the labor-intensive effort.  


  1. Amberley made a motion to replace Annabel Candelaria with Elaine McGivern on the board. Annabel is unable to attend Wednesday meetings because of an academic commitment. Elaine had been initially elected to the board, but had stepped aside when she also had a time conflict with Wednesday meetings. Approval was unanimous. 
  2. Amberley announced an RFP possibility for a grant through Albuquerque Beautiful. It would take some grant-writing time and work. Karla will explore and report back.
  3. Steve reported a request for zone change in the hospital complex involving renovation and upgrade re the psychiatric hospital. He will check it out and let us know if there may be concerns for the neighborhood.
  4. Valuable items were stolen from Phoenix’s back yard and she asked if securing alleys against thieves was feasible. Some alleys have barriers that act as gates to allow utility and fire access, but if and until a petition for same is acted on, it was suggested that planting vicious cacti or pyracantha may have a more immediate deterrent effect.
  5. A feature writer for ABQ magazine came to the meeting looking for grist for a story he’s writing about the mural art on the old Creamland Dairy at Iron and Arno. The site was once an ice cream parlor 60 or 70 years ago and the murals depict scenes from those days. The writer, name of Brendon Call, says the art was installed in the 90s and spearheaded in part by a community group. The board referred him to Ann Carson who wasn’t able to attend the meeting.

 Adjourned: 7:35 pm

Next Meeting: Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012