Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Preservation Station, Amberley Pyles presiding, start at 6:30 pm

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2012


Term ending August 2013


Anderson, Bonnie


Bloom, Greg


Donaldson, David


Bromberg, Ryan


Gonzalez, Moisés


Elaine McGivern


Grant, Steve


Carson, Ann


Pyles, Amberley


Forrester, Phoenix


Spittler, Lee


Grassel, Kathy




Thornton, Karla



Minutes from the May meeting were approved.

Block Party and Election—Much of the meeting was devoted to planning the annual block party and elections. Elaine will coordinate and ask for/assign volunteers. Elaine will ask Joni Conrad-Neutra to co-coordinate. We voted a ceiling of $400 to spend on music, decorations, food and drink. Karla will investigate local bands who will play for free or reduced rates. The block party is also a way to bring new membership to the neighborhood association. There was discussion to offer free memberships; however, the bylaws appear to require a minimum fee. We will sell and renew memberships as usual.

Newsletter—Deadline for articles is July 2 for delivery during the 2nd week of July. Article ideas were discussed and board members volunteered to write articles. The newsletter and perhaps a flyer will announce the August elections. HHHD didn’t publish a newsletter last quarter due to lack of sufficient articles.

Lead/Coal—Bonnie Anderson reported that the Lead/Coal work slated for the neighborhood has been moved to the fall.

Urban Forestry (Tree planting) project—Elaine McGivern and Greg Bloom submitted the required papers for the tree-planting grant. The 501c3 necessary to provide fiscal agency is TACA (The Albuquerque Conservation Association). TACA happens to own Preservation Station, our venue for meetings and other neighborhood events, so the project will be truly neighborhood-driven.

Historic building renovation—Ann Carson reported on the Holy Cow expansion. Ann is on a remodeling committee that reviews architects’ plans for historic integrity.     

Industrial Noise (Quality Foods) at Arno and Iron—David Donaldson continues his efforts to command municipal and state attention to get involved in the noise emanating from Quality Foods. He attended several environmental lectures, and was told that the short-term recourse is to keep pressure on Quality Foods, perhaps by threatening a lawsuit, and long-term to get the City to establish hertz levels as well as decibel levels to be included in city standards.

Adjourned: 7:30 pm

Next Meeting: Monday, July 2, 2012

Salley Trefethen