Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Preservation Station, 6:30 pm, Bonnie Anderson presiding

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2013


Term ending August 2014


Bloom, Greg


Anderson, Bonnie


Bromberg, Ryan


Arneson, Jesse


Elaine McGivern


Fink, Zoey


Carson, Ann


Gonzalez, Moisés


Forrester, Phoenix


Grant, Steve


Grassel, Kathy


Spittler, Lee


Thornton, Karla




Minutes from the April meeting were deferred pending a quorum.  

Tree Project—Since several residents of the neighborhood attended the meeting, Elaine McGivern began with a summary of the tree project grant from its beginnings on July 1, 2012, to the present. The terms of the project have gone through many evolutions, the latest being the granting of a much-needed extension from June 30 to December 31. The extension was granted by Bernadette Miera, Cultural Services Manager/Neighborhood Coordination, with whom Elaine has been working closely. Additionally, a revised plan to plant the trees on Elm and High was again revised to provide the trees to neighbors willing to take on care and maintenance.

Mother’s Day Home Tour—Bonnie reviewed tour assignments.

Newsletter—Joni Neutra reiterated her desire that the Newsletter go “green” by going exclusively to a web-based version to eliminate the need for use of paper. The board generally felt that the newsletter published biannually was infrequent enough to maintain the print version.


Neighbor Molly inquired about sidewalk repair as her sidewalk on Silver is broken up. Joni responded that her sidewalk on Walter is also in disrepair. The neighborhood acquired funds for sidewalks several years ago, that money long since depleted.

Ann Carson picked up four garbage bags of trash on Clean Up Albuquerque day on April 27th. Zoey Fink assisted.

Bonnie Anderson summarized the history of our community garden, plus preparation and planting thus far this season.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15. Next meeting is Wed., June 5.