Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes, April 1, 2015

Preservation Station, Bonnie Anderson, presiding.  Start Time: 6:30 PM

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2016


Term ending August 2015


Anderson, Bonnie


Karafonda, Mary


Boyd, Joe


Carson, Ann


Ben Sturge


Grassel, Kathy


Gonzalez, Moisés


McGivern, Elaine


Grant, Steve


 Sam Kochansky


Spittler, Lee


Thornton, Karla




Trefethen, Salley



March minutes were read and approved.

Guests:  Ron from Presbyterian Church, Francesca, Annabelle Candelaria

Crime Report—Citizen Seibel reported that he talked to the beat officer and added patrols in response to a neighbor’s complaints at the last board meeting of crime, transients, and trash. He also said the department has a new computer that allows him to do more with crime stats analysis. Ron asked the police why the bicycle patrol was being eliminated. Mr. Seibel said the department needs to put officers in cars to cover more ground, but the bicycle patrol will continue until June next year.

Reconsideration of funding for Easter Egg Hunt—Annabelle Candelaria stepped up to take charge of the 20th annual Easter Egg Hunt at Highland Park. There was concern that the event would not happen for lack of leadership. Bonnie will send an email to get board approval of $300 for treats and costumes.

David Blanc’s request regarding property next to his on 119 High St. SE—Property owners on either side of the burned vacant house at 119 High say it is a magnet for vandalism and vagrants. One of the next door owners, David Blanc, says he can’t even get insurance on his own property.  He wants the neighborhood to pressure the owner to get it cleaned up or removed. It is thought that the owner is the same who owns the businesses Holy Cow and Gravy. Bonnie suggested he be invited to a meeting to hear his side.

Request from Barb Maddox regarding dog poop stations—Realtor Barb Maddox wants dog poop stations posted in the neighborhood to give dog owners incentive to pick up and dispose of their pet’s poop. The stations cost $175-$199 each. Someone must volunteer to maintain the stations and keep them stocked. Bonnie will write her about volunteering for same.


Nothing new about the Tree Project

Nothing new about the Press Club and Mayor’s compromise about parking on the plaza

Mother’s Day home tour has six sites so far. Ann is asking for volunteers to be greeters.

ART seems to be going forward with the option not favored by the neighborhood. Bonnie will distribute Moisés Gonzalez’s letter to ART’s Gutierrez objecting to the current plan for the board to cosign and send to the Mayor and print in the newsletter.

Articles due on April 10 for the newsletter were enumerated and reviewed.



Ron from Presbyterian Church announced a fund-raising play “Noah’s Flood,” a one-act opera to be performed at Eye Associates on MLK on Sun., Apr. 19.

Sam Kochansky volunteered to find a replacement white board as the current announcement board has seen better days. It is now impossible to erase and write over because of porosity.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25. Next meeting is Wed., May 6, 2015.