Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes, April 4, 2018

Preservation Station, Bonnie Anderson, presiding         Start Time:6:30pm

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2018 


Term ending August 2017 


Anderson, Bonnie


Leverick, Pam 


Boyd, Joe


Carson, Ann


Sturge, Ben


Grassel, Kathy


Moisés Gonzalez/Karla Thornton


Oakley, Patricia


Grant, Steve


Tanner, David


Spittler, Lee


Vogle, Susan




Trefethen, Salley



Minutes—Minutes of the March meeting were read and approved.


Easter Egg Hunt Report from Amberley Pyles—A report from Amberley was read (see Appendix) on the Easter Egg Hunt. The board will reimburse Amberley $25 for the additional amount she spent over the budgeted amount.

Result of Steve’s zoning request appeal (hearing was April 3)—Steve reported on the process related to his re-zoning request. He is just waiting on results.

Review of Broadway re-striping (Bonnie)—Bonnie gave additional information on the Broadway re-striping. Traffic counts on Broadway do not warrant requiring 5 lanes - 3 lanes are sufficient. The plan is to have one travel lane in each direction, with a median and a turning lane. There will be a parking lane and a protected bicycle lane on each side. There was general support for the re-striping. 


Trash clean-up (Jennifer)—City-wide trash pick-up day is on April 28. Jennifer has offered to register our neighborhood and also volunteered to get the trash bags and gloves.

Several people volunteered to clean. There were suggestions as to several pickup locations (at the station and the empty lot across from The Grove).  Pickup of the trash will occur at 12 noon.

Vacant properties—There was discussion on the vacant properties. It was suggested that everyone make a list of vacant properties in their neighborhoods and give this list to David Tanner, who will compile the list. At our next meeting we will decide on one property to address.

Community garden – starting the 2018 season—A couple of rows are available at $50/row. 10 rows. Motion to purchase compost from Soilutions, was moved, seconded, and approved. There will be a workday on April 14. Bonnie will send out an email.

Other business—Ann has information on the Block Captain’s Association if anyone is interested.

Ann reported that there will be a talk on April 15 at 2:00pm at the Albuquerque Museum in conjunction with her exhibit, Mansions, Motoring, Millenials. 

Meeting adjourned 7:25pm

Next meeting will take place 6:30pm Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Easter Egg Report from Amberley Pyles

The Easter Egg hunt went well. We decided to set up at the east end of the park in the newly bricked area because it is flat and good for tables. There are benches and trash cans as well. It was nice to use the Press club bathrooms and for putting on the bunny suit. 

I spent $325, that’s with donations from Zendo, The Grove and Burque Bakehouse. I don’t think it’s possible to do this event for $300 without donations. Mary Candelaria said she usually spends $300 of her own money in addition to the budget. 

I cut down on the number of plastic eggs (560 instead of 800+) and included much less candy. The eggs with slime in them were a big hit. I used my own forks and napkins, so I didn’t have to purchase any paper/plastic products. 

Overall, I think the event is a great neighborhood branding opportunity, but starting planning earlier and having more volunteers is key.  

I’m happy to organize it again next year, but please remind me in January. I’ll need someone with graphic design skills to make the flyer. The one person who volunteered to hide eggs didn’t show up. Kara and Steve were a great help at the event, Lee set up tables and chairs and stuck around to make things go well, Bonnie and Kathy cleaned the park, and Ann helped in many ways. Thank you!

Salley Trefethen