Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes, January 4, 2017

Preservation Station, Bonnie Anderson, presiding    Start Time: 6:30 PM

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2018


Term ending August 2017


Anderson, Bonnie


Leverick, Pam


Boyd, Joe


Carson, Ann


Ben Sturge


Grassel, Kathy


Moisés Gonzalez/Karla Thornton


Tom Pantano/Marie Collinson


Grant, Steve


Fink, Zoey


Spittler, Lee


Vogle, Susan




Trefethen, Salley


Minutes of the December meeting were read and approved.

Officer Report—Scott Seibel reported three auto burglaries, three auto thefts, one residential burglary and one unlawful entry over the month of December.

Dickens of a Dinner—Ann reports that attendance was down thirteen people this year, she will cover the cost difference. Guests were happy, smooth execution overall. Ann will follow up to get participation plaques for Amberley and Manuela. 

Property Tax Increase—3% property tax cap in New Mexico. If a property changes ownership, the new owner gets hit with the tax increase that’s accumulated.  It is possible to refute or correct these tax mistakes, but important to take photos of property at time of purchase so you don’t get taxed on improvements you make yourself.

New Zoning Regulations—The zoning code is to be compressed into one book that is more concise, current, and applicable. David and Fernando looked at the protections for the Edo/Huning Highland neighborhood.

There is a meeting on January 9th to discuss the new zoning code and bring up any amendments public would like to see made. Board voted to write a letter to request an amendment to require a 120 day delay for demolition on historic structures and landmarked buildings, as well as update what is considered to be a contributing building. David Day will draft letter, Bonnie will send out for review and approval by the board.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm, next meeting 6:30pm February