Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes, June 2, 2015

Preservation Station, Bonnie Anderson, presiding.  Start Time: 6:30 PM

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2016


Term ending August 2015


Anderson, Bonnie


Karafonda, Mary


Boyd, Joe


Carson, Ann


Ben Sturge


Grassel, Kathy


Gonzalez, Moisés


McGivern, Elaine


Grant, Steve


 Sam Kochansky


Spittler, Lee


Thornton, Karla




Trefethen, Salley



May minutes were read and approved. 

Guests:  David Donaldson, Jason and Manuela, Ron and Nancy Halbgewachs, Vince DiGregory, Solve Maxwell, Audra Kochansky, Lt. Art Sanchez APD

316 Central—Solve Maxwell wishes to open a business at 316 Central that serves coffee and specialty drinks in the morning and craft beer and counter food in the evening. Solve brought his concerns before the board that Zoning is interpreting the HH Sector Development Plan Section 1A, Item #3 in such a way as to require a restaurant license before he can open his taproom business. The Item reads, under Permissive Uses: “Restaurant with full-service liquor for on-premise consumption, including microbrewery.”  Elaine McGivern has researched the intent of the section and says it’s a question of the way English is construed. Serving “food” makes it a “restaurant,” and therefore the City will demand a restaurant license in advance of a beer and wine license. The board agreed the language needs to be clarified. Sam made a motion to approve Solve’s business plan. If necessary, Bonnie will write a letter in support of the concept of a microbrewery that does not require a restaurant license.

Police Report—Lt Art Sanchez, Watch Commander of South Valley Substation, presented the neighborhood crime stats for the month: 4 residential burglaries, 5 auto burglaries, 2 auto thefts, 2 disturbances. Vince DiGregory said EDo businesses were getting hit. Sanchez confirmed an uptick in crime, which he said is not unusual when school gets out and the weather warms up. The lieutenant was asked about the status of the suspended bicycle patrols, a service that board members and guests emphatically agree would deter criminals while fostering the walkability that the neighborhood is striving for. The officer did not offer any hope that APD would continue or restore the bicycle units, saying all available police officers were needed in cruisers. Nevertheless, the board moved and seconded support for the two-wheeled patrols. Jason asked about speed control on Coal. Sanchez said he would request radar speed signs to be temporarily installed.

Annual Meeting and Block Party—The board set the date for Sunday, August 2. Sam Kochansky will be in charge of the party, Bonnie Anderson in charge of the elections. Duties for food, drink, and entertainment were assigned.

Newsletter—The bylaws require that the board elections be announced a month in advance of said elections. Huning Highlands fulfills this requirement via the newsletter; thus, the newsletter will be printed and distributed by July 2. Assignments for additional articles were decided 

Mother’s Day home tour—Ann Carson reported that the Mother’s Day Home Tour netted ~$1,000.

Tree project—David Day reported by email that $25,000 had been spent (on 52 trees, mulch, labor et al.). He’s now awaiting the second half of total funding (another $25,000), which apparently is stalled in the bureaucracy. Meanwhile, recipients of trees are universally pleased.

ABQ Ride—The board continues to oppose the mayor’s plan for a dedicated lane for buses on Central. Moises argued for walkability as businesses continue to establish in the neighborhood. He has heard that EDo, our sister neighborhood, is considering legal action.


  • Owners of the house on the corner of Coal and Walter had their request for window changes denied.
  • Manuela Mondloch wants to return Lead and Coal to two-way streets to slow traffic. She reports traffic constantly exceeding speed limits past their house on Coal.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30. Next meeting is Wed., July 1, 2015.