Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes, March 1, 2017

Preservation Station, Bonnie Anderson presiding   Start Time: 6:30 PM

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2018


Term ending August 2017


Anderson, Bonnie


Leverick, Pam


Boyd, Joe


Carson, Ann


Ben Sturge


Grassel, Kathy


Moisés Gonzalez/Karla Thornton


Tom Pantano/Marie Collinson


Grant, Steve


Fink, Zoey


Spittler, Lee


Vogle, Susan




Trefethen, Salley


Minutes of the February meeting were read and approved.

Officer Report—Scott Seibel reported three arrests and four auto burglaries. Our new PAC Lieutenant Aragon and Sargent Sanders joined as well. 

Highland Park Update—Two issues brought up with Highland Park; the construction of chain link fence along the park and ally, and the city’s failure to reconstruct the river rock wall. Neighbors are encouraged to visit the park and determine if the chain link fence is necessary, or obtrusive. If community deems the fence unnecessary, we may be able to convince the city to remove it. The city will get back to us with an estimate on cost of replacing the river rock wall.

Mother’s Day Tour—Salley and Ann are scheming up a new marketing plan for the Mother’s Day tour this year. Hope to boost participating by including restaurants as locations for ticket sales, having an option for pre-sale tickets on the website, and pursuing more advertising options.

Dogs on Iron—Two pitbulls on Iron and Walter got loose and attacked a neighbor’s dog.

Lead and Walter Construction—Ann and fellow neighbors plan to get more information about plans for the single family home construction slated for the SW corner of Lead and Walter. The project goes to Landmark on March 8th.

Central Public Input Meetings—The city has planned for a series of public input meetings about Central Ave planned for March 7-13th. We and the Edo board have already voiced concerns over issues on Central and offered strategies to improve walkability.

Comprehensive Plan—City council will meet to discuss comprehensive plan on March 6th at 5pm. We have already submitted additional language to require a 120-day period of rest before demolishing a historic or contributing structure.

Miscellaneous—Ann is curating an exhibit at ABQ Museum, to open in November. The exhibit will focus on the transition of Central Avenue from 1908 to present day.

Rob Dickson is exploring renovations on the Imperial Motel (Central and High).

Moises will organize a short presentation from Heading Home, to take place next meeting, for the neighborhood to learn more about the organization and consider getting involved.


Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm, next meeting 6:30 pm April 5th