Meeting Minutes

Nov 7, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Bonnie Anderson, presiding; 6:30 pm, Preservation Station

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2013


Term ending August 2014


Bloom, Greg


Anderson, Bonnie


Bromberg, Ryan


Arneson, Jesse


Elaine McGivern


Fink, Zoey


Carson, Ann


Gonzalez, Moisés


Forrester, Phoenix


Grant, Steve


Grassel, Kathy


Spittler, Lee


Thornton, Karla





No quorum—The meeting lacked a quorum. The October minutes were read, but approval is postponed pending a quorum.

Attending—Many neighborhood residents attended. Benjamin, Sharon, Sam Kochansky, Alyssa Kessler, Paul Padilla, Angela, and Allie Moore introduced themselves and their interests in the neighborhood. Bonnie welcomed them and explained the workings of the association and the board.

Lead/Coal Project—We discussed the progress of the Lead/Coal project. Bonnie reported that improvements are actually going to happen, but won’t include planting or irrigation. She asked if we as a neighborhood should/could take on planting and watering. Guest Sam Kochansky, who is an artist, suggested a possibility of sculptures in lieu of plants.

Block Captains—Brochures were available should the neighborhood wish to organize using block captains. We have explored the idea in the past, but putting into practice has yet to garner sufficient enthusiasm.

Raccoon—Both Kathy and Phoenix have had visits from a raccoon. Kathy priced a live cage at $60. We tentatively decided to buy a cage, but in the meantime will take preventive measures such as removing any alimentary (e.g., exposed cat food) temptations.

Street lights—Guest Angela wondered about the absence of street lights. She lives mid-Walter and would feel safer if the street were better lit. 

Dogs—Guest Sharon is upset by all the Chihuahuas running loose on Iron. She has a big dog and worries that dog mayhem is imminent. She doesn’t want to report to Animal Welfare for fear of retaliation from the Chihuahua owners who live directly across the street. We agreed that we would all make calls.

Police Survey—Bonnie encouraged us to answer the police union online poll. It’s unclear how the union plans to interpret and/or use the results, but anything that may lead to more police attention to the neighborhood will be welcome.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30. The next meeting is Wednesday, December 5.

Salley Trefethen