Meeting Minutes

October 2010 Meeting Minutes

Schedule of Events

Amberley encouraged the Board to plan events one year in advance as a strategy for improving participation:

  • The December 1 meeting will not be a formal neighborhood/Board meeting but rather a final planning session for the Dickens event
  • Dickens of a Dinner – Dec. 4 (see article in this newsletter)
  • No meeting in January
  • The Easter Egg Hunt may be held on Saturday, April 23, 10:00, if we have a neighbor who will volunteer to head this up.

Amberley said she would contact Marina Hillard to see if she would be interested.

  • Mother’s Day Home Tour (bian- nual) – Sunday, May 8, 11:00 – 3:00. Amberley will head up this event if she can get help from other volunteers.
  • Annual Block Party – Sunday, Aug. 28, 5:00 – 8:00, Joni Nuetra and Amberley volunteered to head this up
  • Yard Sale – some time in October – David Chamberlain and David Donaldson volunteered to head this up

Block Captains - Joni encouraged the Board to reach for a goal of one captain per block to increase neighborhood participation in community events. The captain is responsible for contacting each home on the block on the following topics:

  • Preference for newsletter distribution – electronic or in person
  • Phone number for emergency contact
  • Any health issues that may require special attention

Joaquin volunteered to write a Spanish version of the block captain script that could be used with Spanish-speaking homes in the neighborhood. Anybody who wants to volunteer to be a block captain should contact Amberley.

Yard Sale – David D. reported the sale netted about $100 but several individuals reported making nice profits.

Community Garden - Most of the community gardeners are continuing into next year, but some of the people on the waiting list will also be accommodated. We are looking for donations of fruit trees to plant at the north end. The Board approved $100 for lights that Joaquin volunteered to purchase and install (with Lee’s help) at the community garden and the Preservation Station.

Elaine McGivern is resigning due to a conflict between her teaching schedule and our Board meetings; the Board agreed to ask Phoenix Forrester to fill the one-year vacancy.